OID to see SM signal level / no site name SM's ?


We're looking at building a simple page to show the signal levels of "no site name" sm's on a tower but I'm having a hard time digging through oids. 

Has anyone done this before and/or have a suggestion how to harvest this via SNMP? I'd like to query this from the AP without having to know more then what tower to query.


. contains just about everything you need.  (it doesn't tell you downlink RSSI and SNR for each session, just uplink)  Snmpwalk of linkSiteName (. will give you all the names, snmpwalk of avgPowerLevel, signalToNoiseRatioVertical, signalToNoiseRatioHorizontal, etc gives you uplink radio stats.

I'm curious as to why you're only interested in "no site name" devices - our only interest in one would be to get it named correctly and reprimand the tech who left it in that state. (which seems to happen much more often that is excusable)


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