Does anyone know the OIDs of inoctets and outoctets in the Ethernet Stats???


Thank you for you link to the search page. There are a few mentions of “inoctets” & “outoctets”, but not exactly what I was after. I would like to get that data, not just look at on a web page. If I can get it using SNMP then there the data must have an OID, which I couldn’t see, but maybe I’m just blind. If you can’t use SNMP is there another way?

I got these by using a MIB borwser and walking the SNMP tree.

ifInOctects.1 ==> .

ifOutOctects.1 ==> .

I use MRTG to graph these values, it sounds like that is what you are looking for.

Thank you… That is exactly what I’m after.

I tried going through the MIB tree, but I couldn’t see it… maybe I don’t have the latest version or something… Thanks anyway