Oil industry construction

I am working on the construction sites of the Canadian oil sands.
More and more customers request Wi-Fi coverage in their camps.
We used Motorola’s wiaps most of the time but always have coverage issues.
These camps are build of trailers. They have metal walls, metal ceilings and metal doors.
The length is about 200 feet, one room on each site.

I could put three access points in the hallway but it will be more expensive.
Another option would be, to install antennas on the outside to penetrate the structure through the windows which are in every room.

I am looking for a better solution so. Hopefully someone has already a good experience
With these construction site trailer complexes.

If they are only 200’ why don’t you just run wire?

I’m guessing the cost of labor would end up being the same as the AP’s.

I would tell the site owners that it takes three AP’s and put them in the hallway. You could use indoor units to keep the cost down.

i think what i’m ending up doing here is to put one in the middle
and then start testing how far it goes.
i hope i can get away with 2 ap’s.
if i need 3 well then i need three i guess.

it will be some try and error.