Old 450 AP with GPS has wrong date


I already submitted a ticket, but I’m going to write it here too.

We have few old 450 AP with integrated GPS.

While time is correct, date is wrong:

Satellites Visible : 13
Satellites Tracked : 9
Tracked Sat SNR Average : 29
GPS Date : 05/09/2003
GPS Time : 10:00:24

fw release:, also present in 22.0


Yes, there is a bug with some old GPS chip that is placed on the board, and on the 450 this GPS chip firmware is not able to be upgraded.

Good news is, there is a setting to work around this bug:
Configuration → Time → Allow GPS to set System Time :
Set this to disabled, and setup a NTP server, and you should be all set.

Thanks for posting and hopefully will help others fix too.

Happy holidays!