I have an old AP that is running Software release 3.2.5 from March 10, 2003 that I have sitting in my box of junk. I wanted to deploy it for a special project that does not require HW scheduling.

I wanted to update the AP to software release 7.3.6 but cannot with CNUT 2. It has been so long since I used the older software releases and did the old telnet/ftp method of updating. It has been so long that I no longer have the old software releases. Does anyone have those old software releases? They have not been on Motorola’s site for ages.

Thank you,

I have access to most of the older software versions, as well as CNUT 1.1. PM me with your information, and I can send you what I have

I have an old AP with 4.2.3
can this not be updated with current CNUT versions?