Old PTP500 (52) in a Very Challenging Wireless Conditions



Hi Mohamed,

Looking at the screenshots provided, the mean value of the Link loss is showing 54.8 dB wheres as the maximum is showing 166 dB. These values should be fairly similar and constant throughout. It would be helpful if you can provide the field diagnostic files from both the ends and the link planner file and open a support ticket. We might be able to investigate more about this issue.

You can open a ticket from the below site.



Vivek Gupta 

Hi Vivek,

This link is installed on March 2010, almost (44 Km) long across desert connecting two Oil fields. In the beginning there was high capacity and data rate degradation caused by high thermal ducting in the area.

We got an advice from the support team to replace the (2 ft) dishes with (4 ft) dishes and we did.

The link is still operational and covers the customer requirements.