Old SM without HWS

Hi All,

I find a couple of old SM without hws option.

This is what it showed:

Telnet+> ver
Software Version : CANOPY 7.3.6 Oct 24 2005 12:06:56 SM-DES
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 051104
FPGA Features : Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES,
Frequency Band : 2.4GHz
Hardware Platform : 8
Hardware Minor Revision : 0
Device Type : CANOPY
MIR Cap : 7000 (kbit)
CIR Cap : 20000 (kbit)

Is there anyway that i can have hws on p8 SM?


http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp ... highlight=

at the and of the page...

oh, ic

how to convert to hws for p8 hardware.

hopefully i still have old cnut and 7.2 firmware.


user: canopy
pass: canopypass

tools/configure advantage platform scheduler