Old software versions

Can anybody send me the firmware to go from 3.1.2

This was an old display - then got shelved. We just found it during our move, and moto support says that they cannot help right now. “They are currently evaluating their required level of support”.

I remember something about “no SM would ever be left behind or outdated”.



It just might be your lucky day. I might be able to help you with that. just send me a PM with contact info.

Canopy support has a site with the older firmwares. Just give them a call and they should give it to you.


I tried canopy support - the site is “under review” and not currently available.


Search the forum for the procedure to upgrade. I'm not sure if I have the adequate software version for the update and I don't remember how it was done.

Changing the name from *.pkg to *.zip will allow you to extract what you need.