OMG CN-Wave is the most frustrating piece of Kit have ever messed with

What’s the deal here? I had them working on firmware 1.0, then updated them to 1.1. All was well until I tried to change the IP for its final tower destination, now I can ping it, but can’t log in it. I used recovery and defaulted it (this process sucks btw), and now since the new firmware I can’t get passed problem one. I try to put in an IP, it tells me to to use e2e whatever so I do. I put the IP in there and I can ping it, but can no longer talk to the interface. I’m about to throw this thing in the trash can.

Don’t even worry about answering this question. I’m going to return them and go with another manufacturers 60ghz product.

There’s def a learning curve to cnWave. I do know that Cambium support is extremely active in helping operators get up and running on that platform. I’d highly recommend you reach out to them.


Hi Jmay, sorry for your frustration. Can you please send me your contact so I can help you resolve the problem?


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So is the learning curve due to new technologies being in play, like terragraph, or is it due to Cambium just being infuriatingly awful at building usable interfaces / ergonomics ?

I’ve been playing with Miktrotik and Ubiquiti PTP 60Ghz just to get a feel for the range/speed/weather effects. Looking at possibly doing some PtMP. Terragraph looks like it would be a good alternative to running fiber pole to pole the small town/city I’m looking at.

Gotta say that even though Cambium is better at just pushing bits than anyone they are horrendously bad at almost every single other aspect of design … this post is pretty much expresses my exact concern with going with another Cambium proprietary solution. Well that and wondering how much stuff is locked behind licenses or just crippling hardware so you’re forced to buy the more expensive model.

Hello @brubble1 not sure if you’ve tried cnWave 60GHz yet, I wouldn’t say it was difficult but it’s different to a basic PTP device or even a PMP deployment with a simple hub and spoke. Whilst it can be used in both those cases it offers for the first time this distributed networking which allows you to do so much more.

Now in order to help we have put together training and a few simple videos which I assure you are well worth the time to sit through. The beauty is get the first link and E2E manager right the rest should come up one after the other.

To get everything you need to do PTP, PMP or even the Full distributed network there are no licences and the three current models allow you to mix and match to use the platform best suited for each deployment.

If all else fails Support is here to help, there no hidden costs there, just ask…

I hope you pick up a starter pack see what cnWave 60GHz can do.

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We got these working in a lab. What threw me off at first was that there is not a redirect from port 80 to 443 so when I changed the IP I wasn’t able to log into the modules until I added https:// to it’s new IP. We also had a teams meeting with Cambium who walked us through the configuration so we feel confident in this now, so thank you Cambium for that. We’ll deploy them in the next week or so and see how it goes.