Omni on top of Water Tower

Hi everyone, we have installed our very first vertical 2.4 omni on top of a water tower with a cone shaped top. We have installed secters on the sides before with no problems, as well as a horzontial omni wifi on top of a water tower before with no problems. We are having a problem with this install, not sure whats wrong, i have a feeling the omni might be to close to the top about 4 feet up off the tip of the water tower. We get great signal within a mile and they register fine, the problem is out a few miles we still get like -60 or better signals but it wont reg, on the stats page we get out of range errors and some others, i have max range set to 14 miles, so tomorrow going to raise and experiment more, but any insight on this will be great, similar problems or solutions, thanks craig

not much experience with omni,s but can you get it 10ft above the tower ?

we have 2 OMNI’s on top of water tanks. THey are approximately 6-8 feet off of the tank surface and they both work great. No issues.

we moved the radio up on a 10ft pole above the tower, this fixed the issues quite well, it seems when we were only a couple of feet up the top of the tower must have been reflecting the waves in a way that was bad :(, thanks craig