Omni to sector performance increase question?

Current setup:

9000APC connected to Pacwireless 8dBi VPOL Omni

New setup:

9000 Integrated AP (60 degree 10dBi HPOL antenna)

How much of a performance increase should I expect to see? Will it be significant?


I have one of the filters - assuming a cavity filter out of a 9000APF. Would it make sense to use this? What benefits would I have? Would I need the same filters on the SM’s or just the AP?

You should see a marked improvement in performance unless there is a higher noise level in the Horizontal polarization in your area. Of course you will need to go to all the existing SM’s and rotate the antennas to horizontal.

Unless you have alot of 900MHz background noise the filters are not going to help you much.