On boarding a device

Hello. this would my first post and please forgive me if I am not up to speed with ' posting etiquitte '. I have just turned on cmMaestro on-premise and on-boarded all our devices. However, one of the devices went offlline and when it came back, maestro kept showing it offline but it really was online. I could connect to the SM and it was showing trying to connect. I could also see the traffic from this device to maestro via a firewall that is in place. So I decided to off board/delete the device and go thru the on board process again. Now it will not on board. I still see the traffic (protocal 443) going to the maestro server. To me it looks like there is somthing flagged in maestro that is not allow a device that was once on-boarded and monitored, then removed, to be re-added.

Any thoughts about this?



Do you have ePMP or PMP device? 

Please unicast me with device log and we can get on remote session to check the issue. 

my email address is: kumaran.kannappan@cambiumnetworks.com

for this network segment they are all 450i PMP. one AP with 2 SM. AP and one SM ok. all running 16.0.1



Please collect the engineering.cgi from the SM and unicast me.

so now I have 3 other devices doing the same thing. Showing down in maestro but yet they are up. think there is an issue with maestro. I monitor the same device with solarwinds and it is accurate. been trying to upgrade my maintenance package with cambium to help resolve these issues for the last couple weeks and response is slow to none:)


Please unicast your email address and we can get on remote session to get this resolved.