On NAT mode, WAN MAC info

I doing a IP/MAC Filtered ARP Network, i switch a SM from bridge mode to NAT, and i set up a static IP on the WAN, when i add the SM MAC to the IP/MAC Filter Server, dont work, i found out that when you set up NAT mode with WAN Static IP, its uses another MAC on the WAN Interface.

Will be great if the SM show what MAC is using the Interface WAN when running on NAT mode

While running SM in NAT mode the Ethernet interface acts as usual LAN interface.And the wireless interface will act as WAN interface.Because NAT requires two interfaces to complete the task of converting private IP to public IP.

Your AP will get public IP from ISP (either via DHCP or Static or PPPoE) and one same pool of public IP will be assigned to SM's WAN (wireless)interface.This public IP will be further used by NAT feature in our SM. Which will change the IP header of each packet from private to public address.

 ISP----->AP---->public IP for wireless interface of SM,SM does NAT (public to private and vice versa) -------->LAN.