On Prem cloud when?

When can we expect the local on prem CBRS gateway? My network is not currently setup to support proving my CPE with WAN access. I'm sitting on 6 450M 3ghz APs and 75 clients and I'm really wanting to start deployments.

Hi matkix,

cnMaestro on-prem supports CBRS now. You can download the 2.3.2 OVA that supports CBRS here 

There was also a recent webinar that was posted here that will cover the different options you have for getting the PMP450 devices to communicate to the SAS. There are several proxy options and they're described in  detail in that webinar.  

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Sweet! Happy deployment to me then!

Can we please get a target date for the availability of V2.3.2 in the Amazon Marketplace ?   We are 100% cloud based and unable to migrate our customers to CBRS.   At this writing (Tues 0700 AM PDT) , Amazon is still showing V2.3.0.  

Any information will be welcome. 

Repeat of request for an availability date for the AWS / AMI version of V2.3.2 , please.

We have many networks poised for the transition but are all aimed at our public cloud instance of cnMaestro.  

Any word will be be greatly appreciated.