On-prem cnMaestro 3.0.0 - boot exception

Trying out on-prem cnMaestro 3.0.0 and am receiving a boot exception (see attached file). It will not let me progress past this screen. I would copy the config used, but I cannot access it due to this boot issue.

We currently run a multi-homed on-prem cnMaestro 2.4.x install. Basically, I set the /etc/netplan/xyz.yaml network file to immutable. This is how we keep cnMaestro from blowing out our config on boot. I removed the dhcp4: false line because by default netplan sets it to false. Since the file was made immutable, it cannot write the unnecessary line to the file and now locks up cnMaestro. A quick fix to this would be greatly appreciated because Cambium’s late release of cnMaestro version 3.0.0 only gives us 22 days until cnMaestro 2.4.x is out of security compliance due to2.4.x being on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.

For anyone experiencing the same issue, that bug was fixed in 3.0.3 and above

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