On Prem Data Export from CLI

Since we had to restore from a backup we lost a couple days data.  The GUI isn't working on our old version  but I could probably somehow export the mysql data.  Is there a script that'll execute the data export?  Then I could download it and import it into my old backup to get it back up to date. 


you could find the command line alternatives from the help (Appendix - Maintenance Operations )

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Hi Steven -- as Anish mentions, we have a failsafe mechanism if there is an issue with exporting the data from one system to another. You can find the commands in the 1.6.0 User Guide (page 137). They are accessed through the Command Line.

To export the data, use the command below. It will write the export file to the virtual drive and tell you where it is. It can then be copied off the box (FTP, SCP), and imported using the browser for 1.6.0.

sudo cnmaestro-export

If the file has problems with the browser upload, we have another command for importing the data as well (again after it is copied to the virtual drive).

sudo cnmaestro-import <data file>

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Excellent!  Thanks will give it a shot now.