On Premise onboarding - mass changes to current config

Hi Everyone,

We have turned up the on premise version of cnMaestro and it turns up like a charm.  Kudos to the Cambium team! We use PROXMOX, a free virtualization product. All we had to do is untar the OVA pull out the vmdk and convert to qcow2.  

So, we have been a CNUT shop.  CNUT works well through web proxy and we have never seen a need to put a mgmnt IP on the SM.  Now that we want to use on premise, we are taking our entire network upto and we are enabling remote mangement on the WAN for NAT SM and turning on ICMP.  For bridged we are enabling public access and DHCP so it grabs an address for mangement.  ALL is working well BUT we need to log into each and every SM and make these changes.  

My question is, is there an easier way?  We have a custom r/w string in each SM, but no IP access, just WEB PROXY.

Any help is appreciated, we have 100's of AP and 1000's of SM in the field.