On-Premises Guest Voucher upload/ download is not working


now I have one issue in on-premises version 2.2.0, Guest voucher upload/ download kbps is not working well.

when I give 204000 kbps = 20 Mbps, why?

I have forwarded this to our product development and support teams

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Do you mean to say, you configured 204 Mbps on the voucher plan but it shows 20 Mbps after saving the configuration or client traffic is limited to 20 Mbps while testing? 

If you could share some screen shots would be helpful.


thank you Kumar.

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Hi Zayar,


I have tested with on cnMaestro On-premises 2.2.1-r32 and AP version 3.11.3-r7 with following rate limiting on the Plan and I was able to get 5Mbps downlink and 10Mbps uplink.


Could you please test on your current version setup with smaller downlink and uplink rate limit values and and later try upgrading to above tested versions and let me know the results.

Best Regards,

Gupta Bobby

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Yes i solve this problem success … for my client…becz he used speed test with MBps so he test wrong …i put Mbps …it ok all… Thanks for support …