On-Premises update

Hi all,

I have put off updating our on-premises server, it is running 2.3.0-r28 I want to make sure that I do this correctly now that I am so far behind. From what I can tell I need to update to 2.4.0 (then make a backup) then I should be able to go to 3.0.0? Can anyone confirm if that seems correct.

Thanks for any help,

That would be correct since 3.0 specifies 2.4.0 as a good update start point.

Remember to take full backups of your database and server config before you start the upgrades AND wait a few hours after each upgrade before starting the next one. There is database migrations that happen in the background that must complete before you upgrade again. This can be a couple hours for a <100 device database or a couple days for a >1000 device database.
The upgrade concept is that if you do so regularly then by the time a new image is produced, you won’t have to worry about this.

Awesome thank you for the info much appreciated!