Onboard page can't show Cambium AP devices, although it's still showing on network management page

Hello Cambium support team

I have problem regarding cambium network devices on my account, my cloud page can't show AP devices on onboard page, but although still showing network management page. Please support me on this. Thanks

My account name: Khang Nguyen

Devices will remain in the queue for 1 week after onboarding successfully.

Your mean that I will wait those device onboard on my system after 1 week correctly ? But anyway, you have anything to do it back onboard mangement page ? 

Until a device is onboarded successfully it will remain in the onboarding queue.  This can be because it is waiting for approval or is waiting for the device to connect.

Once the device is successfully onboarded the 1 week timer begins.  There is no way to place devices back on the onboarding screen after this period without deleting and re-onboarding the device again.

Why would you like to keep onboarded devices on this screen?  Is there some information there that is not available elsewhere?