Onboarded device not shown on map

Hello! I'm happy to find Cambium's community so active.

After finding a lot of useful info around here, I encoutered a problem where I can't find a solution (and neither found one similar to mine): I can't see my devices on the map.

My cnMaestro version is OVA - 1.6.1-r10 and Package 1.6.3-r19.

The devices I want to add are 2 eForce 200 (with latest recommended image, 3.5.1). I added the Latitude and Longitude in both AP and SM and synced with cnMaestro (so everywhere I see the coordinates). In Dashboard I see the positioning on the map, but in Map I see nothing (if fact only the sea and no sign of my equipment even if I zoom out or going to the location where it should be). I also attached 2 pictures.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

I found the issue:

After I manually added a tower, everything appeared on the map :)

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