onboarding devices

Hello everyone.

Im extremely new to cnmaestro. Im able to easily onboard my force 180s but cant get any of my access points connected to it. I entered the cambium ID and onboarding key and it still doesnt add them. I tred entering their serial numbers manually and that didnt help either. They are epmp1000 connectorizd units with gps sync. when im on the epmp1000 units GUI, it says NA for their serial number. I uinderstand its due to them being a bit older. Its starting to get frustrating trying to add the access points. can anyone help me out? 


What version of software are the ePMP APs running.  The minimum ePMP versions required for cnMaestro functionality are shown below.

The ePMP device UI has a PING test.  Can you confirm that the device can ping https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com if using cnMaestro Cloud (or your local cnMaestrol URL if using On-Premises)?   The ePMP AP will need to have the IP gateway and DNS IP configured. 

Assuming the networking tests above pass and the cnMaestro URL, Cambium ID and Onboarding key have been configured on the device and it's still not showing up in your cnMaestro Onboarding queue, can you please enable syslog on the AP and send it to emilio.dibenedetto@cambiumnetworks.com?

Like he said - run the ping tool make sure DNS is correct and that the radios can in fact reach its server,  whether cloud or on premises.