Onboarding Issue with PMP 450

In the progress of adding all of our cambium equipment to our on-premises cnMaestro server, I noticed an issue with onboarding PMP 450 devices with a visible model number in the GUI.  In one case, all other SMs onboarded with zero touch, but one was showing "Device Initializing" for the cnMaestro connection status.  This unit has a "Board Model Number" of C054045C013B and a Board MSN of  ************.  None of the SMs that have been successfully onboarded show this model number in the GUI.  I tried a DNS lookup test from the SM in question, and it was able to contact our on-premises server and resolve an IP address, so I know that it is not a DNS issue.

Is this some kind of issue relating to older hardware versions?  I double-checked the config on the device in question, and I see no reason as to why it won't onboard but the others will. 


Nekomata, for your own privacy, I have removed the device serial number from the previous post.  It is strongly encouraged to only share your MSN with Cambium directly and not on the forum.

Thank you for posting the issue.  We will follow up with you offline.

Could you please share logs->Device Agent log to subi.s@cambiumnetworks.com. 

Also reboot the SM once and see whether it solves the issue