One or two cnmaestro on premise instances?


We have two sites. We are going to use approx. 30 APs on both sites. We have VPN between the two sites.
Shall I use cnmaestro instances on both site, or rather I use one, and onboard all 60 APs to one cnamestro? Approximately how much bandwidth needs 30 APs?
If I use cnmaestro instances on both site, can I set them together (master-slave setup, or other solution)?

Hello Tamas
You may manage many sites with the help of the cnMaestro cloud with MSP support by clearly separating their statistics, reports, and other performance-related traffic. Any particular reason for using cnMaestro on-premise?
There are many other operations supported by cnMaestro that demands high bandwidth links, which we should take into consideration when deciding the bandwidth usage. Typically, cnMaestro management traffic (stats/reports/notifications/events) will not need much bandwidth; a 5-10 Mbps link would be good enough for 50-60 APs. Features like remote troubleshooting, remote packet capture, and image upgrades (which are not regularly used) where huge data is transferred between AP and cnMaestro might benefit from a higher link.


Hello Anand,

Thanks for your reply. We got the APs from our maintaining institution. They recommended us the on-premise version.
When I registered, I had to decide, whether I use on-premise or cloud management. How can I modify it?
If I stay with the on-premise version, can I configure cnMaestro instances as master-slave or with other relation?


We have 140+ APs on one on-prem instance - so far not an issue. Not sure how much bandwidth it uses though.

Hi Tamas,
There is very little information to suggest a solution. Without knowing more about how the network works and what solution is needed , providing a solution will be difficult.


Hi Anand,

We are going to use RADIUS authentication. Different access for staff, for students, and for guests.
Maximum simultaneous client number is 1000.
Please ask, what additional info you need.


One cnmaestro is enough, if using HA I think that same L2 must be between them so you must stretch L2 broadcast domain via two sites (please dont).

We have 10 locations with +200 AP (+1000 concurent users on wifi network), also RADIUS auth.
It just works.
When we need upgrade APs we are doing site by site, or 10 by 10 APs, no problems at all.

If cnmaestro fail (and you are not using captive portal) you are loosing statistics for that period, wifi network will still works.

And you can restore VM in a few clicks if something went wrong.

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Hi Tamas,

Iā€™m still not clear on the need for creating VPN between two sites. What is the need to create VPN between two sites? Are these two sites are geographically isolated ?

From rest of the explanation , I think you need a single cnMaestro instance ( maybe you can explore cloud instance) and create multiple networks to manage the sites. global filter on the Wi-Fi 6 and above series AP can help you to configure different user roles for different accesses.


VPN is required for several reasons, security (no need to port forward to cnmaestro and controller exposure to the Internet, web server), further, monitoring APs using 3rd party tools via private IP address, access to each of the APs via the same private IP address .
I also prefer VPN when cnamestro is in the cloud.

Hi Anandakrishnan,

sorry for the late answer. The distance between the two sites are about 70 km. I started to configure the system with one on-premise cnMaestro instance.