Only .gz extension package can be imported

Hello, I was trying the CNS suite to manage my devices.
I encountered an error while uploading the lastest release of PMP450 system software (v13.1.3).
The file is provided as .pkg3 extension but the CNS server returns this error:
“Only .gz extension package can be imported”.
Should i pack up to .gz the file? should i extract then repack it? Or simply rename the file?
Thank you


PMP450 is not supported by CNS for upgrade or configuration. If you discover them they will be added as Generic devices and can still be monitored on a basic level. In order to use .pkg3 files, you must use CNUT which can be downloaded from our website.

CNS only support upgrade for ePMP devices, which use files with the .gz extension. This is why you saw the error you described. Renaming or repacking .pkg3 files will not allow CNS to import them as they use an internal format not supported by CNS.

Oh, okay, Thank you for your quick reply