1. Log into the AP via telnet.
    2) Type ‘useradd’ press enter.
    3) Enter the username ‘eng’.
    4) Enter the Password ‘eng’.
    5) Enter the type of user E=Engineering.
    6) Exit the telnet session.
    7) Using a web browser, log into the AP using eng/eng.

Great job jwcn :smiley:

Very interesting.

How is this an opps?

Don’t think Motorola intended on leaving that in their production releases. Maybe they did, though.

Oh ok, I just did this on one of our AP’s and other than the addition to the engineering option, nothing to drastic. But maybe there is something to be learned here :slight_smile:

same features as configuration.html

Will this allow power adjustments or just a different log in?

what does this do?

Do a forum search of configuration.html

Does anyone know of a similar Engineering type login for the the PTP300 devices?


worth learning.

this lessen my burden of going into 8.2.2 to 7.3.6 just to access configuration.html, and going back again to 8.2 and 9.x.

Thank you much.

nice job, now they surely wont leave it in production releases.


what version can you do this on?

i tried it in 9.4.2, seems to work with 8.xx releases as well.

seems 7.3.6 and 9.xx works good for me, just that 9.xx gives me the total Client List, even SM is Idle, so I would know exact who got bad signal to my AP/s

Nice job. Dont make a lot of noise…