Open ports/ports blocked

I have a customer on a 5.2SM that wants to use Lingo VoIP. Lingo support says that traffic over 5060-5065, 10000-20000 and 1024-1030 are being blocked. He insists that the problem is the Canopy. Are these ports open on a Canopy? If so, how to open?

Canopy is just a bridge - all ports are open unless you have turned on filtering in the Advanced Network Configuration screen in the SM. With that said, if you are using the SM to provide NAT, then it may be that the SM is blocking these ports, however I doubt it.

Does he have any type of software firewall installed on his computer? If so, have him disable it/them completely and try to make a call.

Are you running any type of Firewall at your head end?

If the SM is providing NAT, turn it off and have him get a router. If he continues to have issues, then it’s definately not you.

That’s kinda what I thought, as far as being open except ports specifically blocked.
He is using the NAT feature, so turning that off (adding a router) is the next step.
Thanks for the input!