Open Status Page of element not active

Hello All,

After installation of Prizm 3.1 I noticed that there’s no “Open status page…” option available from menu of each element. Could you explain what could be a reason for this?

Best regards,
Mariusz Glinski
Sprint Ltd

you must enable Web-Proxy

Sorry i have the same Problem. Where i must enable the Web-Proxy?

Enable it in the Prizm administrator console (located in the start menu under Windows - not sure on Linux).

hi, we are running Prizm on a linux machine.

I believe what you’d want to do is locate the prizmconfig.xml file in the config directory in the prizm install folder.


Make sure it is set like above. Set enabled=“true” to enable the proxy service and set doubleproxy=“enabled” to allow you to view downlink elements from a proxied page (ie if you’re in an AP status page you can bring up element status pages via the LUID on the web interface).