Opening a Support Case

Just a suggestion, …

Opening a Case number with Motorola Support is easy, just call. There are posts in here that run into dead ends.

I’m going to simultaneously open a forum topic in here and a case with moto support on any issues I’m having with this system in the future.
I should have done it from the start.

I have been using the system now for over a year and progressed slowly through all the firmware upgrades, cfg issues,

It’s been painful and cost a lot of time, frustration, and money, but I have always come to some resolution. It’s a good system
but there is a collective need to report all findings/information in this forum.

Issues that take time to resolve give problem customers bad tastes in their mouth, would just be nice to reference clear problem/solutions
without contacting and working with support right away.

I’ve tried to do this in the past for issues. It bugs me when companies don’t provide a knowledgebase of encountered problems and their solutions. It would save both their staff and customers time and money to have such a reference available.

This forum has always been an immense help to me.