Operation Temperature

Hi, need assistance regarding operation temperature.

i have 1 BHM (5.2) and 2 APs (5.7) installed on the same pole, connected to a CMM. my question is why the operation temperature of all modules reaches 58°C upon boot up.


I have some problem too with operation temperature, since its recorded up to 86° C on the SM status page, and the unit can’t be ping or monitor. FYI, I have installed the unit on the roof, open air and using universal mounting bracket. The air temperature itself on Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia reaching 36°C. Samarinda is near equator with 0° 32m south latitude and 117° 8m east longitude.

Can anyone help me to fix the problem with operation temperature?


The temperature displayed is “board level” temperature, and is not very accurate. (It will certainly never replace a good thermometer. :slight_smile: ) It probably shouldn’t be used as an indicator of problems.

The operation/ambient temperature is stated as -40° C to +55° C, and the modules shouldn’t see any problems operating in environments over that range.

Pram, are you maybe seeing the web interface lock-up problem?

Web interface lock-up:
With low incidence, a module may stop displaying its web interface (stop handling http protocol). The module continues passing traffic and telnet and SNMP interfaces continue to work. In some reported cases the web interface returns without operator intervention. In other cases the module requires a reset or power
cycle to recover.

Tip: To reset a module, use a command line interface to telnet to it and then issue the “reset” command.