Optimize sector Azimuth / Tilt

Question: Is there a way to tell LINK Planner to optimize a sector's azimuth/tilt based on a given set of customer sites?

For the sectors with few customers it is possible to play with the values to find the best aiming for the most stations.

When that number grows, it becomes a crazy experience to "eye measure" and pick a good middle point. Especially when it comes to tilt.

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Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately at the moment we don't have a capability in LINKPlanner to do this, we will add it to our feature request list. We are just starting on a feature from the opposite direction to determine the best AP for each SM from a list of Subscriber Sites.
When designing a large contiguous network with frequency re-use the optimum settings of Azimuth and Tilt for each sector becomes a balance between the frequency planning of the network layer to minimize intra-network interference and maximizing performance to all subscribers. Therefore your suggestion fits into our future plans to incorporate frequency planning and interference analysis into LINKPlanner.


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