Optimum Frequency for AP cluster

How can one decide on the optimum frequency for the AP cluster.

Using 5.2GHz and 5.7GHz, the SM can be a maximum of 2 miles away (w/o reflector)

Using the 2.4GHz AP cluster, the SM can be placed upto 5 miles (w/o utilising a reflector)

What about the 900MHz cluster?

If these numbers are correct, why don’t people simply use the 2.4GHz? Are there benifits for using the 5.2 or 5.7GHz?

Please advise.

5.2 and 5.7 are better, simply because of the reduced possibility of interference. You can get more range out 2.4 and 900, but there’s a ton of other stuff flying around out there that could potentially interfere. We are using 5.7 SM and AP, but as we haul out to smaller towns with less potential interference, we will probably move to 900mhz.

Hope this helped.

Thanks Bortnem1 :smiley:

That did help. I also checked the some of Motorola’s informative pdfs on the subject.

The town that I am considering supplying broadband access to is rectangular in shape. 8km by 6km. My base station is 5km out of this town. I was considering backhauling to a central point in town where the 2.4GHz would have been sufficient. With the 5GHz options I would need two masts instead.

I guess I should conduct an interference survey. I am new to this topic. Can you anyone point to consultants working the Middle East? Or if you could explain to me how it should be done and I will try to do it myself.

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There is a great program out there for performing spectrum analysis called Net Stumbler http://www.netstumbler.com/ you can perform a spec an of your neighborhood using this. Also, there is a spectrum analysis function available on the SM… I haven’t used it yet, but I have seen it work.

Thanks for the advise Bortnem1 :slight_smile: