Option 15 or 43 on Mikrotik with ePMP and cnMaestro?

So I got the new cnMaestro On-Premises edition, and I am liking it, but I'd want to configure for autoprovisioning using one of the DHCP Options. No luck there, but if I manually add the URL for the new cnMaestro system, it works perfectly.

I think I have my Mikrotik correctly configured to hand out both Option 15 and 43, and I've tried with f/w and 3.0 (release versions only - is that the issue?)

Here's my Mikrotik config for DHCP Options, and both options are active on the relevant networks:

/ip dhcp-server option
add code=15 name=maestro value="'domain.com'"
add code=43 name=cnmaestro value="'https://cnmaestro.domain.com'"

Obviously, my domain is not 'domain.com', but I made sure to use the single-quotes around my string values, and the name does resolve (remember, if I explicitly give the full URL, as listed in Option 43, it does work).

Any brave, adventurous souls already figured it out?

Hi dshea,

when you are auto provisioning make sure the file name that you are extracting has the MAC.cgi XXXXXXXXXXXX.cgi format.