Option 82: site-id is always empty

Hello everyone. I am trying to make my AP's insert option-82 with site-id in circuit-id field.

Thing is, site-id always stays empty in dhcp requests.


1) Created a new site with "ID" field (and every other available field) filled out.

2) Set up a wifi-ap-group with option 82 enabled, proper vlan set and circuit-id set to "all". I did not enable option-82 in WLAN or on l3 interface, just in ap group.

Result: circuit id received on dhcp server is missing site-id field. I also tried to set circuit-id to "site id" to no avail...

Resetting ap to factory default and resyncing it and changing site's ID field did not help.

I am testing this on E400 with firmware 3.11-r9 and cnmaestro  2.2.0-r60

Am i doing something wrong? This seems like a bug...

Can you please share me techsupport file of AP and share me on my email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com

You can download techsupport file using Login to AP --> Navigate to Operations --> Under System download techsupport file. 

Well, seems like toggling option 82 some more times helped. :-)

Big thanks to Ashok Kumar for taking his time to help me.