Option to disable Follow Me feature

16.1 introduced the Follow Me feature for the 450 range of products which is really useful, no doubt.

It would be good if there was an option to disable this feature on the AP, so it would not pass any of the changes to the subscriber modules when disabled.
We do not tend to operate our subscribers with all frequencies ticked, and such there have been circumstances where we have changed an access point frequency but not wanted to the subscriber to follow.

Thank you

Really scratching my head here trying to understand why you’d want to turn off this feature. I’m fairly certain that the follow me feature does not change any channel or channel widths on the SM’s.

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Hi Eric

I have found when changing a frequency on the AP, the “follow me” feature will enable the new frequency on the subscriber module - regardless if it is already unticked or ticked on the SM - which to my understanding is expected.

However on occasion we have wanted to do a brief frequency change on an AP but not have the subscribers follow the AP for whatever reason. We could also change color code so the SMs wouldn’t connect but that presents needing to reboot AP.
I appreciate this may not be common case but thought it could be of benefit on the odd occasion to have the flexibility to turn the feature on/off as desired.