Option to make CPU graph "sticky" under performance tab?

I like to be able to monitor CPU on our AP’s, it is important on parts of our network where the processing power of the 450’s can’t keep up with our 450i’s and M’s.

In CnMaestroX I am unable to find a setting to toggle this graph as an “always on” option (for Monitor Network > click desired AP > Performance). Would be great to always see it displayed as the 4th chart (along with Throughput, Frame Utilization and SM’s registered).

Furthermore, when you toggle the CPU chart on for an individual AP under the widget selector, it is no longer present if you leave that pane in the GUI and go back to it. Help?

Hi ,

Thanks for your feedback and i filed an improvement jira to track , so that it will be considered in future release of cnmaestro.


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