Options for Sync on 24v Off-Grid System

Are there any solutions to run sync from a 24v Off-Grid system? 

We have a mix of 24v and 48v devinces. Using 450i so need 48v for the sync. 

We currently use a DC Netonix to power everything because it does 24 or 48. 

A very simple solution for the 450i: http://store.packetflux.com/syncbox-junior-aux-port-version/

Thanks, I saw that and I have tried to get in touch with PacketFlux to ask them about it, but I haven't received an answer. 

So I can plug 4 APs directly into this unit and I don't need the PowerInjector Plus Sync?

Nope. Power the radios from your Netonix switch. Put the SyncBox Junior Aux up near the radios. Run a standard pinout outdoor-rated cat5e from the SynxBox ports to each of the radio Aux ports. Enable UGPS power on the radios to power the 'Box. It's extremely simple and cost effective.

There's also the Cambium UGPS, but obviously that will only do two radios, whereas the SynxBox Junior Aux will do four (e.g. a regular 4x90° cluster config).

Perfect! Thanks!

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