Options/Views in the CNS console

Good morning everyone,

So I've setup my first few AP's and a few clients but I'm looking for some functionality that I'm not finding.

I'm sure its in there somewhere, but I just haven't been able to locate it.

  • I'm looknig for a view of my AP's and connected clients, I can see a list, but there is no association to each other.
  • Is there a view that shows me what devices are online and offline?
  • Is there a view that show device statistics that I can modify what fields I can see?  I want to be able to see uptime, radio statistics, connection quality, without having to drill down into each radio.
  • Alerts, can I setup alerts or notifications if one of my AP's go down via email?
  • Do I have to put in the username and password for every device before it imports it?  It fails every time a device is discovered until I manually put in the username and passowrd, even though it is the same under the admin / discover - default username and password

I know its a bunch of questions, but I guess its a few things I have gotten used to in my current management console.  Aircontrol has a lot of that functionality today, if its possible that would be great, if not maybe I can find that functionality by other means.

Thanks in advance,


Question 1: The Monitor -> Map should show AP's and a line to each client.

Question 2: Typically the color coding will show if it's online, that or click the device and on the dashboard it will tell you if LAN / WAN is online.

Question 3: Not sure completely on your customization question, but using the MAP view and clicking the devices I think is one of the quicker ways to navigate in CNS.

Question 4: I don't believe alerting is available at this time but I could be wrong.

Question 5: You shouldn't have to, as long as your CNS SNMP settings are set under Admin -> Discover, and then your fields are all correct on the Discover -> Discover Devices section.

Thanks for the quick response Ben, just a few additional questions...

  1. Oh, so that would mean that I would need GPS coordinates for every client.  Don't have that currently, but all of my AP's and clients are currently bundled in a cluster, 'expand cluster' doesn't really seem to do anything.
  2. Monitor / Inventory?  Everything is orange and I don't see anything LAN/WAN.
  3. Ya, I noticed that, but I have to drill down to each device...  I'm looking for a generic view like the one attached.
  4. So another program that could monitor SNMP would work for that, no big deal.
  5. I confirmed the settings and it looks correct, maybe I'll just wait for the next one to appear and see what happens.  I did just recently apply that hotfix and update the CND files.

1.  SMs registered to an AP can also be viewed in a table in the AP's device page.  Click an AP in the map or double-click it in the inventory.  The second tab "Connected STAs" will display a list of all SMs registered to that AP with several statistics for each device.

3.  There are reports in Monitor -> Reports that display additional statistics for each device in a table form.  See AP Dashboard and STA Dashboard reports.

5.  It sounds like something is going wrong with discovery.  When you manually set the login/password what results do you get when you select the device, right click -> Verify Credentials?  Does the login/password check still fail?