Opus codec in model with FXS

Would it be possible to see eventually the opus codec for VoIP router ? It could help for VoIP over unlicensed link.

One of the main feature:
Good loss robustness and packet loss concealment (PLC)
Source: https://www.opus-codec.org/


I am personally not familiar with the Opus codec you mention. If others on the forum would like to weigh in please do. While we look into this, please help us understand its utility or value this offers?


Better audio quality so better MOS, PLC (paquet lost concelment), open source (3 clause BSD), royalty free.

From main page:
Dynamically adjustable bitrate, audio bandwidth, and frame size

Based on SILK (Skype) and CELT

From FAQ:
Does Opus make all those other lossy codecs obsolete?
Theoretically, yes.
From a technical point of view (loss, delay, bitrates, ...) it should replace both Vorbis and Speex, and the common proprietary codecs too.

Thank you for the information. we will investigate and get back.

how close are we to getting this implemented?


We will update you ASAP. Please create the support ticket for this requirement. 



Not sure if a support ticket was made.  @nirajlochan, can you update us with anything?  I'm using grandstream ATAs specifically because of OPUS support.  The 'V' cnPilots are useless to me without OPUS codec.