Ordering guide for PMP 450i SM


I am interested in finding out what accessories are available for the PMP450i SM.

I am failing to find a parts list specific to this product. I am specifically looking for additional cable glands to make use of the Auxillary port.


Hello, I don't believe that this document exists.  The best way to get an accessories list quickly for any product is to use LINKPlanner.  Under the link BOM section (not the main BOM section in the menu tree, but the BOM of the actual link), select 'New Extra' and a list of compatible accessories will display.  For your specific question, part number N000065L0033A will do the trick.  However, this is a 10 pack.  Here and here are links to other posts on this question with some possible alternatives.

New Extra2.JPG

Check out this thread on the forum for a third-party cable gland: