Ordering Radios

Where are you guys ordering your radios from? Getting good pricing and shipping rates. 

Cambium sets a base floor for all distributors so they can't under-cut each other. Pretty much the only difference between vendors is if they offer free S/H or not. I'd try to find a vendor geographically close to you, or at least with a ware house close to you and see if they'll do free S/H. The only other way to get discounts is to take advantage of a Cambium promotion, like their 3.65GHz WiMAX trade out program, which is going on till the end of this month IIRC. Personally, I work with Winncom because they have nice big parties for their customers and vendors 1-2 times per year.

We are in SOuthern Illinois so Cambium is only about 5 hours away. We order from CTI and get stuff next day quite frequently for standard S&H...