Organizing Radio in System Tree

I have been unable to figure out how to move radios around in the System Tree.  I have SMs that did not put themselves under the right AP.  I have PTP radios that do not allow me to put them anywhere they are staying under default.

So far the only device that I have any control where it goes are the Access Points.

Am I the only person that wants there device tree to be logical?   Am I truly by myself on wanting to be able to move SMs under the correct AP and AP's under the correct BH and so on.

Posted this in April without a single respoce or update in any way.

At least post to say that you would like this as well so we can get it on the todo list.


I recommend that you also post this to the Ideas section as well if you haven't already.  The link is at the top of forum pages and directly linked here:

People can comment on ideas and vote for what they want the most.  This will help us prioritize and also make it less likely to be lost among the forum threads.

Are you SMs not auto-populating under the corect AP after being onboarded?  They should automatically move to their correct AP and not require manual intervention.