orthogon backhaul problems

hello all been awhile…

i have a 45 meg orthogon backhaul that i cannot get to operate any faster than 16 qam this link has los here are the status page of the link does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the througput up.
i have tried to emiminate via the spectrum analyzer the higher noise freq’s
i have tried to use a set freq with no differance.
i have tried to use the built in freq hopping with no differance.
we have repointed to get the highest tone.
the link always works but is very slowwwwwww…

any help appreciated.

Target Receive Modulation Mode
64QAM 7/8 (15.71 Mbps)

Software Version
Maximum Transmit Power 24dBm
Hardware Version
Remote Maximum Transmit Power 24dBm
Transmit Power 22.2, 21.0, 21.0, 21.0
receive Power -79.3, -80.8, -94.8, -80.5

Vector Error 5.0, -9.2, -10.2, -8.9

Link Loss 163.8, 149.8, 148.3, 150.3

Receive Data Rate 3.99, 3.23, 0.27, 2.99
Transmit Data Rate 8.98, 6.89, 0.8, 5.98

Receive Modulation Mode
QPSK 1/2 (2.99 Mbps)
Transmit Modulation Mode
16QAM 1/2 (5.98 Mbps)

I would say the high link loss is indicative of the poor speeds. I’m no expert, but I know from my experience when the link loss goes above 140ish, that’s when it will not obtain full speed any longer.

To help narrow it down - how long is the link, what is the noise floor, and what size antennas are you using?

both ends are integrated antenna’s at a distance of 26 km
the noise floor is 80 db

i am assuming that the integrated antennas just do not have enough poop to get over that distance.

We have a PTP400 lite running at 23.3km with very little fluctuation. It runs at full speed (9.85 mbit both ways) the majority of the time, dropping down only a mbit or so on one end very briefly. Noise floor is around -85, integrated antennas, both ends are over 100’ off the ground.

You might want to try moving the links higher and have someone on the other end to play with the alignment. It’s amazing how much a slight misalignment will affect the signal.

With the RX power and the link loss it will more than likely require pinpoint alignment with a noise floor of -80…

If you are certain the spectrum is clear of other interference than it will probably end up being an alignment issue…

Height is always good, and, alignment by tone will get you to the general area… don’t stop there… you need to find the “sweet spot” by the numbers and hone in on it…

Good Luck


use the graphical install.(one guy aligning, 2 way radios o cell phone, you at your computer)
Look for the highest value.