Orthogon Repairs

Does anyone have any experience with getting Orthogon units repaired by anyone other than Motorola?

We had a 5.4 GHz PTP600 that sat on our shelf and was never used. Upon opening the box and testing, the unit continuously booted in Recovery Mode. The unit was out of warranty, so we went through the RMA process and paid to have the unit shipped to the UK. They got back to us and quoted $1000 for repair which included all of the parts, labor, and return shipping.

I came across a few repair shops via a Google search that claim to be able to fix Orthogon units.

Anyone have any experience with using someone domestic to fix Orthogon units?



dont touch them / fork over the money the units would have cost way more then $ 1000 right.

UK is the only place i have heard to be able to repair them…


We actually do Orthogon repairs - check out our website: http://www.wirelessunits.com or feel free to private message me for more info.