Other Fault

What does the very non de-script error “Other Fault” on PoE Detection Status mean? I can’t find any reference to it in the manual anywhere.


Sorry that we did not respond to you promptly.
PoE status can be: Detecting, Delivering Power, Overload (release 4.0.1), and Other Fault.
When device draws more power than its 802.3 classification max. power. In this case, the switch will turn off the PoE on the port.

Other Fault:
When the switch is unable to deliver power to the device for unknown reason, it will display Other Fault. This condition requires assisting from engineering for advanced troubleshooting.


Is it possible to make a device cnMatrix PoE “compatibility” list?

For example one of best URL on Netonix forum was just device compatibility list.

Every device have different Poe way to work and pinouts.

The list could be really useful.