other wisps pricing structures

just wondering what other WISPs pricing structures look like. mine is…

256k 44.95
384k 59.95
512k 74.95

install 150

first and last months with a 1 year contract

we retain ownership of the SM’s

our average is we walk away with $252 on date of install and $54 a month

HOME 1000
No monitoring

SOHO 2000
No monitoring

24x7x365 Monitoring

All installs are 299

People should probably post what type of environment they are selling in…

i.e. Urban, rural, etc…

If you don’t, the prices don’t mean much, as Internet service’s price differs widely based upon if there is competition, etc. as well.

Affluent suburban area in the SF Bay Area.

Full speed, right up to 7Mbps for $44.95 Canadian. $199 install in some areas, $399 in others.

my location is rural

Are you competing against the Telcos, and Cable providers?

they have to pump sunshine in too us

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Are you competing against the Telcos, and Cable providers?

Yes and no. Vague, but accurate.

i thought due to the thru-put of the AP that you couldnt have many customers @ 7meg with out hitting bottle necks. I have a full ds3 line 30meg bh to my main site and im lucky if i can 1.5 megs…not on advantage platform.

You may have your Ap setup wrong, I’m not running advantage yet either and we get 2.9down and 900up

The limitation is set by the SM. The AP can support much more than that (that’s why they cost the big $$$)

I agree with clueless. You should be able to get ~3M down. More information about your network would allow us to help you identify the problem.

By the way, are you using an older CMM or do you have a CMMmicro?

I have a blended-transit GigE connection to the Internet and 100Mbps WAN links to the other serving areas. I was an ISP before a WISP, and I’d like to think that it shows. :wink:

Shaman666 wrote:
[quote="Jerry Richardson":1em5t181]Shaman,
Are you competing against the Telcos, and Cable providers?

Yes and no. Vague, but accurate.[/quote:1em5t181]

I understand completely - price it close enough that you are not out of the game, but high enough to justify the better support and service.

our pricing structure is here:


feel free to comment on this site. I tried to make it simple. it auctually serves my purpose, and I’m not creatively talented, but it get’s the job done.

we are in a very poor rural area. the installs kill us, but we got it down to 1.5 hrs now, and any install over 3 hrs we charge and additional $40/hr

our speeds for residential are 256/256 with 10000 burst. Business is usually 768/768 with 20000 burst