Hello everyone. I just received my order for two ePMP 2000 Lite, soon I will have full licenses.
My question is seguet, is it normal not to be able to obtain region OTHER in the lite license?
Thank you.

What region are you in? I'm confused as to why you'd buy the lite radios if you immediately intended to upgrade them to full. The licenses don't have any bearing on the region that you can set the radios to. If you purchased ROW radios, you should be able to set them to OTHER, regardless of lite status or not. If you purchased a US/FCC radio, you will not be able to change the region. I'm not sure about EU radios. The lite vs regular determines how many SM's can connect. I believe the lite license limit is 10 SM's. The license upgrade is the same P/N for FCC/US, ROW, and EU.

Gracais unanswered, after the two restarts the country settled in OTHER
The reason to buy the Lite is because my dealer did not have the full version, the price is the same in both cases.

I haven't done any lite to full upgrades recently, but I know that when you're activating the ePMP elevate licenses, it asks for a region - I'm guessing that's what the question is about.

As far as answering the actual question... I have no idea.