Out-of-Band Solution Possible?

We've got some 450i's on the network, but due to some upcoming changes, they will need to go to an out-of-band solution. Is there a way to do this on the 450s? Can you configure them where the AP has its ethernet and aux port connected, and the SMs have their Aux ports connected, but not their ethernet ports, and remote access is only over the air (but still a routable IP address)? 


Router A to AP aux interface, SM aux interface to Router B

Access port in management VLAN to AP ethernet interface, radio link to SM modules with their IP in same management subnet. Ethernet port disconnected.

The AUX interface is not configurable ip-wise and is just a bridge of the first interface... so I don't know how much that qualifies as an 'out of band' mgmt interface.

I'd be using the LAN1 interface for the IP, it would just be disconnected on the SM sides. I'd leave aux connected to my devices and have it used as the data path. Will aux still be used if the primary port is physically disconnected?