(Out of date) Required by Jan 24th: Update Device Software to the Recommended Minimum Version.

For the latest information, please refer to the following post.


The information below is now out-of-date because a new feature and workflow have been added to support a user feature request.



As of 1/24, new devices that are onboarded (added) into your cnMaestro must have the minimum version (or newer).  If necessary, Wi-Fi devices will be updated automatically during this onboarding procedure.  ePMP AP/SM devices must already be running the minimum version (or newer) before attempting to onboard.  They will not be automatically upgraded.

Devices that are already managed by cnMaestro can maintain their versions until the end of February, at which point, they must be upgraded to the minimum version (or newer) otherwise they will lose their connection to cnMaestro.

Cambium Networks strongly encourages you to update all device software to the versions listed below.

Platform                          Recommended Minimum Version

ePMP 1000                      2.6

ePMP 1000 Hotspot     1.6-r20

cnPilot R200/R201        4.2-R3

cnPilot E400                    1.6-r20


Hi. it means that if i have an old version (2.5 for example) i CANNOT onboard the equipments  without an upgrada BEFORE adding them?

i cannot set user/password/url on the equipment than, when reached from maestro, select "upgrade" than "onboard"?

this is a big problem for me and i think for a lot of others people. We have an hundred of epmp1000 SM ready to install (preconfigured and sent to installers or customers), is a problem because we plan the update during the onboarding, but if it is not possible we need to ask to the installer/customers to ship the equipments to our office to upgrade and then resend to customers and installers.

Is also a problem for the next orders because i think that thare are a lot of equipments with the old version and that also our next orders will have the same problem!

i don't know what's the technical problem to block the onboarding of older versions, but PLEASE, allow the update during onboarding!!!!

We are accomodating your request.  Please refer to the following post for a description of the new feature to support your ePMP AP/SM deployment workflow.


Thanks a lot!!