Out of Ports on CMM...What next?

I’m designing my Canopy Network with OFDM backhauls and 900MHz APs. In one location, I’m using all 8 ports on our CMMmicro. If I want to expand in the future, what do I need to do? Do I need another CMMmicro? Do I just need to locate elsewhere? (This is just a theoretical question at this point, so sorry for the lack of any detail) Thanks!

you have a number of options…The cleanest is get another CMM.

However if you understand the primary function of the CMM in providing a timing sync and why canopy needs it, and how it uses it then you will know what to do.

We have this situation at one of our pops which is our NOC. The BH’s come down straight into the NOC and into our CISCO Switch, but they are configured as slaves and their respective masters are connected to a CMM providing the Sync.

If you look at the user guide and look at how a timing cable is made, you can use that cable to pass a timing sync from an existing AP/BHM to another piece of kit.

Actually if I remeber correctly the OFDM BH’s do not need a sync, so you should be able to use a regular switch (I am not 100% sure on this )

Thanks vj. Yeah, I don’t think the OFDM BH’s need timing either. I had thought about an external switch but wasn’t sure if multiple backhauls would be too much for a switch to handle (guess it depends on the switch). Thanks again!

The CMM is a very basic switch… you can use any switch really, but we are using CISCO as we make use of the managed capabilities of it